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A good sign amid continued danger

The President’s tax proposals are a good sign. One of the House’s Dixie brigade describes it as a “poke in the eye at Republicans, rather than showing a willingness to cooperate,” which is exactly what is needed. Higher taxes on … Continue reading

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Obama making nice with Republicans

Obama indicates that he intends to work with Republicans in areas where they agree that the majority of the population should be screwed. Among these, he wants more job-killing corporate-rights agreements (so-called “trade” agreements); cuts in corporate taxes; and expanded … Continue reading

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US economy creating more shitty jobs

It was another month of the US economy creating jobs. Shitty jobs.

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An oligarch and his silovik

The hilariously corrupt relationship between Jerry Jones and Chris Christie would be described in the most lurid terms by the US press if it were occurring in Russia. Jones is, without doubt, an oligarch, and Christie is his political ally, what in … Continue reading

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A plague on all your many houses

The above image is a copy of a check for nearly $975 million that the ex-wife of oil company parasite Harold Hamm rejected in a divorce settlement. Is there anything more repulsive than the faux-feminist argument that Hamm’s ex-wife deserves … Continue reading

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Retirement is for rich people

Bloomberg reports on the shrinking retirement savings of the average American, as crappy 401(k)s have almost entirely displaced traditional pensions. Meanwhile, retirement payouts for executives are so obscenely out of line with the retirement savings of workers that the inequality even dwarfs … Continue reading

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What Republican donors want

Bloomberg’s Julie Bykowicz today has a primer on the contrasting agendas of the various funders of the right-wing majority in Congress. The Chamber of Commerce was the biggest winner of the most recent cycle. It is worth noting that they … Continue reading

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