What Republican donors want

Bloomberg’s Julie Bykowicz today has a primer on the contrasting agendas of the various funders of the right-wing majority in Congress. The Chamber of Commerce was the biggest winner of the most recent cycle. It is worth noting that they are the right wing of business — distinct from the more mainstream Business Roundtable — but the Chamber’s priorities include the easing of some immigration restrictions, support for the Export-Import Bank, and more infrastructure spending, all of which are opposed by elements even further to the right. The infrastructure spending is the focus of this Bloomberg commentary, which it contrasts with the Koch brothers and their various toy organizations. The Kochs’ ideological idiocy (David Koch is quoted here as saying that he is worried inflation will ensue if the budget is not balanced; unhinged billionaires like him see no need to recognize reality before distorting politics with their money) sets up a confrontation between so-called “grassroots conservatives” (who are foot-soldiers in the Koch Astroturf operations) and the Chamber, in a way that makes the Chamber look “reasonable” — thereby pulling politics in general even further to the right.

Also highlighted here are some special interests, such as the coal industry and Sheldon Adelson, the latter of whom also plays in politics with his money, though he is more straightforwardly and hilariously corrupt; if he were Russian, he would be correctly termed an “oligarch”; no rational social system would have a place for someone like him outside of a prison cell.

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