Obama making nice with Republicans

Obama indicates that he intends to work with Republicans in areas where they agree that the majority of the population should be screwed. Among these, he wants more job-killing corporate-rights agreements (so-called “trade” agreements); cuts in corporate taxes; and expanded powers to wage war for an indefinite period of time. (The proposed authorization to fight the Islamic State can of course be used as justification indefinitely, just as Obama has used some of Bush’s war authorizations to wage war.)

Obama intends to stand up for the rest of us on a few other issues: Keystone XL (until he changes his mind); relaxed deportations; refusing to loosen requirements that employers provide health insurance. (On the latter, whether he will stand firm against bipartisan attempts to give away billions to the parasitic medical device industry — including giant firms like GE and Siemens, which want a repeal of the medical device tax from the Affordable Care Act — remains to be seen.)

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