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Sure bets and crap shoots

Have a look at two absolutely contradictory articles predicting future oil prices, posted in major US business publications on the same day. One thing is for sure, though: Burning anything more than a fraction of global oil reserves will be … Continue reading

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Spare me

Christ. It is with good reason that I despise platitudinous academic charlatanry disguised as left politics. It is even worse when it is combined with kitschy¬†pop-culture bullshit by someone with “artistic” pretensions. If this doesn’t stop, I am going to … Continue reading

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Rand Paul is a whiny baby as well as a fool

Watch Kentucky-fried idiot Rand Paul whine like a baby¬†as CNBC’s Kelly Evans asks him to explain his stupid positions on vaccinations and tax breaks for corporations’ overseas profits. Evans was once the lone voice of sane commentary in The Wall … Continue reading

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No “tax holiday” for corporate hoarders

Read Robert Borosage on why the so-called “tax holiday” on overseas corporate profits — as proposed by the president and likely to be made even worse when corporate lobbyists get hold of it — is really a scam: Global corporations … Continue reading

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The New York Times tries to make warmongering look elegant

Amidst the articles on the latest yuppie parenting trends; speculation on which Brooklyn block is to be gentrified next; the various wedding announcements of shitheads from Goldman Sachs to the cornfed daughters of Midwestern industrialists who are now working as … Continue reading

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