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No “tax holiday” for corporate hoarders

Read Robert Borosage on why the so-called “tax holiday” on overseas corporate profits — as proposed by the president and likely to be made even worse when corporate lobbyists get hold of it — is really a scam: Global corporations … Continue reading

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Well, that was fun while it lasted

Obama’s brief liberal tilt was a welcome, if belated, change of pace that got us — among other things — a better-than-nothing climate change agreement with China, a relaxation of the assault on immigrants and a crack in the generations-old … Continue reading

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Howard Dean and “progressive” austerity

Howard Dean has a two-minute video on the YouTube channel of the middlebrow online interview group “Big Think.” Dean argues that the country ought to follow through on all of the consequences of the deficit deal from last year, the so-called … Continue reading

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How to escalate tactically

Is there any series of protests going on anywhere in the world right now that is as inspiring as the militant, non-violent anti-austerity drive by Mayor Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo of Marinaleda, Spain? Sánchez Gordillo’s tactically bold initiative has a back-to-the-basics … Continue reading

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