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No “tax holiday” for corporate hoarders

Read Robert Borosage on why the so-called “tax holiday” on overseas corporate profits — as proposed by the president and likely to be made even worse when corporate lobbyists get hold of it — is really a scam: Global corporations … Continue reading

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A good sign amid continued danger

The President’s tax proposals are a good sign. One of the House’s Dixie brigade describes it as a “poke in the eye at Republicans, rather than showing a willingness to cooperate,” which is exactly what is needed. Higher taxes on … Continue reading

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Obama making nice with Republicans

Obama indicates that he intends to work with Republicans in areas where they agree that the majority of the population should be screwed. Among these, he wants more job-killing corporate-rights agreements (so-called “trade” agreements); cuts in corporate taxes; and expanded … Continue reading

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Well, that was fun while it lasted

Obama’s brief liberal tilt was a welcome, if belated, change of pace that got us — among other things — a better-than-nothing climate change agreement with China, a relaxation of the assault on immigrants and a crack in the generations-old … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza’s Gunga Din routine

Dinesh D’Souza is an idiot. There is really no other way to put this. Cartoonishly childish, profoundly unserious, garishly self-promoting, prone to feigned profundity about his moronic and ill-informed opinions on issues he knows nothing about: These are D’Souza’s stock-in-trade, … Continue reading

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Public control of the Fed!

Romney’s call to audit the Federal Reserve, presumably including prompt publication of its deliberations, is a concession to far-right gadfly Ron Paul, and also a policy proposal that Obama ought to endorse. Not that he will: the broad swath of … Continue reading

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